Five reasons why you need to monitor your online reputation:

  • Showcase loyal customer testimonials
  • Express your concern for customer satisfaction
  • Ability to address customer concerns
  • Attract new customers
  • Improve your website SEO

5 star reputation

Google Local, Yelp, DealerRater,, & Edmunds:

  • Constant monitoring of your online reputation
  • Report and respond to negative reviews
  • Professional responses to all positive reviews
  • Request and attract new positive reviews
  • Quarterly performance review

Repuation management sites


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Managed Service Costs

Social Media & Online Reputation

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Cover all your bases and become the best online option.

A car buyer today has a variety of options to choose from when shopping for a new vehicle. A majority of today’s car buyers do most of this decision making while researching online. Potential customers use the internet to help them choose between brands, models and dealerships. Most car brands are offering models in each category and at each price point. On top of competing against other brands, you may also have a competitor who sells the same brand as you. Even when a car buyer wants the brand and models that you offer, you still have to appear to be the best dealership option. Online perception is today’s reality.


How do online reviews really affect your dealership? 

One of the methods a car buyer will use to select a dealership is reading online reviews. They want to see how your dealership has treated other car buyers. If you have negative reviews, potential car buyers will see those reviews and it could shape the way they feel about your dealership. Even in a situation where a potential car buyer visits your dealership after reading your reviews, the negative reviews could still influence the final buying decision.

Today, customers are fragile, even the smallest issue could land you a negative review. You do not want an unhappy customer to tell their friends and family not to buy from your dealership. With online reviews, that same unhappy customer can now influence complete strangers by posting their experience online. It is no longer word of mouth; it is word of a thousand.

There is no magic wand to fix your online reputation overnight. We cannot sweep your online reviews under the rug. However, we have developed effective methods to dominate your online reviews. We have worked with dealerships to not only improve scores but create a true digital reflection of the dealerships exceptional service. It takes time and a good plan to restore or build your online reputation.

If you would like get started you can reach us by calling (619) 786-7122 or send us a email at [email protected]